How do I create an event or stream?

When you login to your EventStar365 account, click on this icon to get started and access the Create flow.

Think of this as your control center. Here you transform an idea into a stream or event which is infused with you and your story.

To get started, select either the stream toggle or the in-person toggle to indicate the type of event you’re creating. Whichever toggle you choose will begin to walk you through the rest of the flow.

To create a stream:

To get started, you’ll need to name your stream. This name, or title, will display to your guests on the homepage of EventStar365 and on the stream’s splash page.

Next you’ll need to indicate which stream source you’ll be leveraging. You can choose from Zoom, YouTube, Vimeo or Resi. Once you choose your provider, put your stream link (or embed code) into the “Stream Link” field. Note: If you’re using Resi, you’ll need to provide the embed code. A video link will not work.

The next two steps are optional. First, the privacy setting on your stream will default to public. This means that it’ll be searchable, appear on the homepage and on your profile. If you want your stream to be invitation-only or private, you’ll want to turn the “Private” toggle on so that it shows blue. That will make sure that it can only be accessed through the invitation links that you send out. No one will be able to search or stumble across it.

Next, you’ll want to decide whether you want to sell tickets or limit how many people can join your stream. The stream will default to an unlimited number of viewers for free but if you want to change anything, click on the Tickets toggle so that it’s blue. From there, decide how many ticket types you want to offer and how much you want to sell them for. You have the option to offer the tickets for free if you only want to limit how many people can join. You can also write a description for the tickets so everyone knows what comes with each ticket type - but again, completely optional.

From here, if you’re ready to start your stream, click on the Go Live button.

Now, if you want to schedule a stream ahead of time or want to provide more details to your livestreams, click on the word “Advanced”. This will show you some additional fields for images, promotional videos, speakers, scheduling, descriptions, shopping, language support, and an event countdown.

The schedule start and end time is when your streamwill be start and end.

The Publish and Archive fields will control when others can see that you’re going to be hosting a stream!

The Description field allows you to illustrate the purpose of your stream. This is where you can weave yourself into the stream before it even starts.

The Shop Link allows you to show your online store while you’re livestreaming. See the Shopping article for more details.

The languages section impacts your stream’s registration/check-out flow. If you’re offering to support languages for your stream, this field allows you to specify which languages you’re supporting. Your guests can specify their preferred language for the stream.

If you have any guest speakers, you can add them to your event splash page by selecting them from a list of EventStar365 users. This will pull over their name and their image. If you’d like, you can also describe the topic they’ll speak about and when they’ll speak - but those are optional.

At this point, you can start your stream or you can save it and come back to it. Your choice.

Happy livestreaming!

To create an event

Follow the same flow as the stream with only a few variations.

First, you won’t need to provide a stream link or embed code. Set your event name, privacy and ticketing information.

From here, fill in the details of your event and click on the Go Live or Save links to save.

Happy eventing!